New endpoint software is out now (TC7.2.0)


New features and functionality in TC7.2.0
  • Support for Touch 10″ network pairing for all new endpoints
  • Improved failover support for endpoints registered through Collaboration Edge
  • Intelligent Proximity with slide change detection on MX200 G2, MX300 G2 and SX20
  • Added new provisioning parameters that can be provisioned from CUCM (10.5)
  • Briefing room mode for specific room setups
  • Improved language support for SX10 in active mode
  • Collaboration Edge provisioning option added to the setup assistant of SX10
  • OSD and touch panel screenshots can be captured from the web interface
  • xStatus Video Output will print EDID information about the display

Release notesĀ and download from CCO.