Remote Monitoring License Key TC 7.3.3 and CE8.0

Remote Monitoring

This feature was previously known as Web Snapshots and can no longer be enabled from system settings in TC7.3.3

A new option key that enables the Remote Monitoring feature has been introduced. This feature allows an administrator to monitor a room from the endpoint’s web interface by getting snapshots from the camera sources connected to the endpoint. The user interface screenshots feature also requires  this option key to be installed.

Remote monitoring is enabled once the option key has been added and the system has been rebooted. Once this feature is enabled, the only way to disable it is to remove the option key. This feature does not display warning messages or indicators on the local system that someone is monitoring the room, as it did in previous versions. The option key comes at an additional cost on 100 USD GPL, and can be ordered with the following PID numbers. Screen shut from CCW.

GPL License RMF