Support for MX700

TC7.1.2 introduces support for the MX700 product.


Support for MX800

TC7.1.2 introduces support for the MX800 product.


BYOD mode reintroduced as experimental on EX, MX G1 and C series

BYOD Mode as an experimental configuration for EX, MX G1 and C series was removed from the TC7.1 release. This was due to performance limitations on those platforms. As the removal raised concerns that this would limit our abilities to demonstrate the value of this feature, we have decided to reintroduce the experimental BYOD mode configuration for the above products in TC7.1.2.



This is an unsupported feature that will not see further development and bug fixing on the EX, MX G1 and C series platforms. This means that there will not be any TAC support for the feature itself, and TAC will request customers to turn off BYOD mode for problem resolution on other issues.





Software is now ready to download on CCO.