Can´t you sell TX9000 to you’re customers do to that they don´t like maple- or walnut-finish tables? Does it not match to the client’s interior designer, or their corporate design lines?


I had a customer there was building a completely new HQ building in Copenhagen, and their interior designers only wood choice was oak to all types of interior in the new HQ building.

On the same time they installed TX9000 in the first 3 sites, in a worldwide implementation and of course one of the rooms was in this new HQ building. So the interior designers were all over the worldwide implementation of TX9000 and made a separate design guide for TX9000 room’s whit oak as the only option, for all the rooms worldwide, to get the same field and touch in all rooms.

We used a lot of time to tell that the only option from Cisco is maple- or walnut-finish. If we could not deliver them, they want to have them made specialty from a local contractor so they need some measurements of the Tabletops and they will then install them after the room was finalized from Cisco AS.

We call the BU to get the measurements of the tabletops, they asked of course way we need that information. We told them about the customer, and they suggested us instead to try to contact Cisco´s supplier of the tabletops.

The supplier is Woodtech in Oakland, California and the customer made a connection to med CEO of woodtech and they now buy their tabletops direct form the same supplier as Cisco.

See more about Woodtech

We got Cisco AS to install new tabletops as part of the installation on the customer sites. But you still have to buy a maple- or walnut-finish tabletop from Cisco but you can just install the new instead or alternative after Cisco AS has finalized the room. And the TX9000 also looks really good, whit an oak tabletop.


This solution is not support from Cisco it is a work a round[/notice]